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About Child's Heart Photography


Our Mission

Welcome to Child's Heart Photography.  Through all of the stress and challenges of life, what is more special than those moments of pure joy and love that our children bring?  As we grow older, it feels like these years get away all too quickly.

Child's Heart Photography would like to capture some of that magic for you and your family.  Through "green screen" photography, our photographers and their assistants will place your child in unique, fun, beautiful scenes that will always remind you of that special heart of your child.

Choose several photos from 90+ scenes--astronaut, doctor, firefighter, cowboy/cowgirl, princess, unicorns, puppies, kittens, monkeys, nature scenes, and many more--that your child and family will love.


Our Products

To bring these photos to life, Child's Heart Photography provides many affordable products.  We would love for you to own a large framed photo or a poster of the photo that you enjoy the most.  We also provide photo mugs, refrigerator photo magnets, metal prints, mouse pads, and framed photo collages.

Families we have worked with speak of how thrilled and amazed their children are when seeing themselves in these scenes.  Aunts, uncles, and grandparents love to receive these photos and items as gifts.


Our Clientele

Child's Heart Photography's photo compositions are ideal for children ages three through nine (but any age is okay!).  Our photographer and an assistant will come to your daycare center, school, organization, or church to set up a portable studio and to take the photos.  Handicapped children are especially welcome.  Prior to the parents making any commitment to purchase a product, we will provide parents watermarked photos of their child in the photo compositions of their choice.  The parent may then order products from our catalog and price sheet.

This can be a fun and a very special fundraiser for a daycare center, a school project, or for your organization or church.  We will gladly provide details as to how this might be arranged when you contact us. 


Photo Catalog for Placing Orders

We have divided the photos you see in the previous section into categories.  When ordering the photos that you would like your child to appear in, please use the category code for the photos that you choose.  

Our Products And Price List

FREE PRODUCTS! Photos Needing models


The following 30+ photo backgrounds have children in the pictures that were taken from public domain photos.


For our catalog and website, we need to have photos of children that we have taken .  


If you would like to have photos of your child in any of these backgrounds, we would provide you a generous amount of free products.  Signing a release to use your child's photo on the website and in the catalog would be required.




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